Grandparent Custody


I don't know if any words on paper or said verbally can ever convey the love, respect and gratitude we have for Susan.  She saved our grandson's life and removed the biggest concern we  have ever had.  Susan's legal skills and knowledge of the law gave the Judge 90% of what he needed to rule on what was right and in the best interest of our grandson. We can now breath normally and look forward to hopefully many years of enjoying and loving all  of our grandchildren.  Susan, you saved my life. Thank you.

J.S. 2018

High Conflict Parenting Case

I thank Ms. Brown for helping me through this. The initial day I met with her after all of this happened, the comfort, understanding, knowledge, and direction she gave me is unexplainable and very much appreciated. She gave me a strength that I needed that day! T.D.S. 2018

Divorce with Children

Susan was very knowledgeable and gave me prompt feedback.  I was always taken care of with respect to my goals, outcome and expectations.  Susan was supportive of meeting my anticipated plan.  I appreciated Susan's recommendations during the process, which led to settlement without having to go to mediation or court.  R.D. 2017


The open communication throughout the entire process was so helpful.  Any questions I had were always promptly answered.  The overall experience was positive and never stressful.  L.A. 2017


We were tying to adopt and the mother, who was out of the picture for years, was not happy about  it. Susan set things into play that were beneficial in the end. She  knew what she was doing and now we have our daughter. Susan always responded to our questions and explained what was going on. You want  Susan on your side for an adoption!! K.M. 2018

Custody and Adoption

I hired Susan for a very contentious custody case, which ended up in adoption. Every day new allegations and problems kept coming from every direction. I can honestly  say that without this amazing women, my child would not be with me  today. I did everything she asked me to do, and she did everything she  could for me. The words “above and beyond” simply are not enough. When  it comes to custody and adoption law she proved she was the best. With everything finally over, my adopted child and I can finally be happy,  and I know I have a friend for life with Mrs. Susan Brown.  R.C.  2017